Hi everybody,

My name is Esbol Naimen. I love to travel to all different countries in the world and try there local food. There is no better way to get connected with the local people by eating the food and appreciate all the different flavors which every country has to offer.

One of my hobbies among playing football, doing online research about new restaurants, watching YouTube videos from other food bloggers, learning new languages, hang around with friends is cooking. By cooking, I mean especially Asian Food, like Thai, Vietnamese and Chinese.

It all started when I first traveled with some friends to Thailand (Bangkok and Chiang Mai) in February 2008 and had real Thai food for the first time on the streets. I was blown away by the different flavors, the sour, the spicy and the sweetness what Thai cuisine had to offer.
This was also the first time, I participate in a cooking class which was held by Vatch in Chiang Mai.

I got to know all the the vegetables, ingredients and spices.
Ever since, I enjoyed cooking for my friends and family members and I always post them on Instagram or share it on my story. A lot of my friends asked me about the recipe on how to cook this. This is why I actually started to create this blog, because I want to share them with all of you.

I started my Job in 2020 in Taipei (Taiwan) and work full-time in a German company. As I share a lot of food videos on my Instagram story, I thought I can share with you guys, some of my favorite local restaurants and street food places here in Taipei.

I came to Taipei because one of my friends Felix told me to do my internship here in 2019. I had to do that in order to finish my Master in Industrial Engineering. This is how I came to this amazing place and explored the Chinese/Taiwanese food which is amazing. I live here with my girlfriend and we both loved to go eat and try new places.

Stay tuned for some spicy and tasty food.