Most amazing view in Taiwan – Hiking weekend in He Huan Shan 合歡山

Most amazing view in Taiwan – Hiking weekend in He Huan Shan 合歡山

When you are in Taiwan and want to go on a hike to have an amazing view He Huan Shan (Shan means mountain 山) is the place to go for. He Huan mountain is a 3,416-metre-high (11,207 ft) mountain in Central Taiwan located in the heart of Taiwan. It is very easy to reach by the highway and it takes about 3.5 hours to go there from Taipei. Located on the border of Nantou County and Hualien County you can reach He Huan Shan (合歡山) from east and from the west. We took the route from the westside through drive pass Taichung because you drive mostly a highway. The west route is faster and more save because you avoid the narrow snake path. 
You can also reach He Huan Mountain by public transportation e.g. by High Speed Rail to Taichung and from there you can take a bus, but I really recommend you to rent a car, that way you are more flexible and can do the hikes whenever you want plus you save money and time. 
We started from Taipei Friday morning and drove all the way to Taichung to have a break and got some Ramen soup for lunch before we head to Nantou County. This pull-in has a petrol station and a big mall (Qingshui Highway Rest Area (清水服務區) of different kind of food with a huge variety of food, therefore I really recommend you to take a lunchbreak here once going to Nantou or going back. 
Ramen at QingShui Rest area
Once we arrived in our hotel, the first stop we went was the QingQing Farm where we walked around, feed some sheeps and watched the blooming cherry blossoms  (Sakura). We went there end of February which was still a good time to watch the blooming flowers (lucky us). It is a very cute place to come and relax before the big hike is going to start on the next morning. 
On the same day in the evening we head to eat some Hakka Food. Hakka cuisine is the cooking style of the Hakka people, and it may also be found in parts of Taiwan and in countries with significant overseas Hakka communities. Hakka dishes have the following features: Hakka food emphasizes mountain delicacies but very little seafood. Most of the Hakka minority lived in mountainous areas, thus it was natural that there were more mountain delicacies and meat than seafood and fish. Second, Hakka food emphasizes the ingredients of the dishes and disregards presentation. There are a large number of Hakka dishes that do not consider how the food is presented on the plate.

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